Episode 100 – Centenary, and Hungerford

Elite Cadre – Episode 100

We’re back once more and this time with some hosts from the past as well as the inimitable Will Hungerford who popped along to talk to us about Oblivion, Riot Quest, and partially just experience what true ineptitude actually feels like.

We are incredibly humbled people are still listening 100 episodes in (You might say you don’t, but we have stats to back this up!) so to each and every one of you: Thank You. We love doing this, and it’s been our pleasure for the last 8 years to bring you the most meandering and often wrong podcast gaming didn’t need.

Episode 99 – Lock’n’Load, and the Guide to Heists

Elite Cadre – Episode 99

Commentary on Lock’n’Load, the Welsh Masters, the Iron Kingdoms RPG, and a Kickstarter from the San Jenaro Co-Op about heists in RPGs.

Full Disclosure: Although this episode is not sponsored one or more of the presenters has given money to the Kickstarter being talked about.

Episode 98 – Oblivion CID Thoughts

Elite Cadre – Episode 98

Some thoughts on the Oblivion CID.

Episode 97 – Pre-CID Infernals Thoughts

Elite Cadre – Episode 97

Some thoughts from before the Infernals CID on the new faction. Don’t worry, we’ve already recorded an outdated set of thoughts on the Oblivion CID too!

Episode 96 – Champions, Theme Forces, and CID

Elite Cadre – Episode 96

A little look into Champions tournaments now Kurt has been to one, and then discussion on the benefits that CID and theme forces are bringing to Mk3.

Episode 95 – Ramblesode

Elite Cadre – Episode 95

Genuinely we did intend to have a topic for this but I think that intention got lost somewhere along the way…oh well!

Episode 94 – Odd Formats

Elite Cadre – Episode 94

We talk about Champions and some other older and much weirder formats…

Note: This episode was originally recorded in October and was delayed due to an audio issue.