Episode 86 – Away Days

Elite Cadre – Episode 86

Join us this episode as we talk about tournaments Alex and Kurt have been to, a bit of SR2017, the latest errata, and a bit of Mike and Kurt’s film hour…


Episode 85 – Blast From The Past

Elite Cadre – Episode 85

In between my going into hospital and some very busy weekends this episode sort of got lost. Now you can enjoy Kurt talking about 40k for an hour!

Episode 84 – Not Mentioning CID

Elite Cadre – Episode 84

I’m bored of talking about CID so we talk about literally anything else!

Tournaments that run short

Then the Hovis music plays and we all begin to get nostalgic about the past because apparently we’ve been around long enough someone should have put us out of our misery already…

Episode 83 – Errata

Elite Cadre – Episode 83

Episode 82 – Battle Engines CID

Elite Cadre – Episode 82

A little late this time for various reasons but here’s most of the crews’ thoughts on the week 2 CID for battle engines.

Oh, and we talk some 40k….possibly also some X-Wing.

Episode 81 – Steamroller 2017

Elite Cadre – Episode 81


We’re actually producing timely news this week!

Yes, that’s right.  Elite Cadre gets a look at the new Steamroller pack that’s dropped into CID and we go through our initial thoughts on what it is, how it works, what we think needs tweaking, and anything else on our minds.

Episode 80 – PGs and Retribution

Elite Cadre – Episode 80

Now that I think about it that title sounds a lot more menacing than I’d intended. Oh well, never mind.

Anyway, this week on Elite Cadre we have a discussion about the death of the PG programme and how we think it will affect the game.  Then we move on to Benj actually being happy about something for once.  Yes, it’s odd but apparently he wanted more Ret rather than Menoth, who knew?

Anyway, on to the episode I suppose…