Episode 91 – Crucible Guard

Elite Cadre – Episode 91

This month Kurt talks about his newfound love with the Crucible Guard. He talks about this a LOT.


Episode 90 – X-Wing v2, also Primer

Elite Cadre – Episode 90

I admit I left this one a while as we were busy…well, it’s edited now, and as half the outro is movie talk I don’t think it’s particularly aged!

Episode 89 – Black Anchor, Bonescon, and Shadespire

Elite Cadre – Episode 89

We talk about…look, is anyone actually reading these? Drop me a line on twitter @mrchom if you do. Anyway, we talk about models from BAHI, the new con on the block, and my new found ability to put together GW plastics.

Episode 88 – Super Series

Elite Cadre – Episode 88

We talk to Chris Young about UKISS. Meanwhile Benj wastes his life, probably on Hearthstone again….

Episode 87 – Topics Are Overrated

Elite Cadre – Episode 87

Benj hates it when I don’t do proper written intros. Hi Benj!

Please be aware this is a recording of a general chat and not a normal episode. Recording for the next episode will take place soon!

Episode 86 – Away Days

Elite Cadre – Episode 86

Join us this episode as we talk about tournaments Alex and Kurt have been to, a bit of SR2017, the latest errata, and a bit of Mike and Kurt’s film hour…

Episode 85 – Blast From The Past

Elite Cadre – Episode 85

In between my going into hospital and some very busy weekends this episode sort of got lost. Now you can enjoy Kurt talking about 40k for an hour!