Episode 3 – Intermittent

Hi Guys and Gals,
Welcome back to our third installment of Elite Cadre, the podcast that grants you chronomancer.
In this weeks episode, we got our hands on No Quater and so fill our news with spoilers from the latest in privateer press’s premier Warmahorde magazine. We get our hands on the stats for the first of Domination’s upcoming battle engines. We see how unbound is growing and we speculate over the artwork of the Trollkin War Wagon.
In our Tournament section we pimp out the upcoming Golden Troll, Chris Cawthorn’s sinister Pentathlon. And tip our hats to Norbet and the other NJSOB’s for the efforts they put into this years foodmachine.
In spelling it out we hit up Vinters #1 man Magnus the Traitor.

We would like to take this time to apologise for the delay caused to this episode. Unfortunatley 3/4 members of the cast had real life issues over the past week.

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy our antics!

News Links :-
Please purchase No Quarter 38.

Tournament Links :-
Kidderminster Foodmachine
Chorley Golden Troll
Oxford Pentathlon

I hope you enjoy our episode.

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Elite Cadre – Episode 3


One response to “Episode 3 – Intermittent

  1. To do with painting over unpainted. I think it’s a shame that someone wouldn’t want to personalise their army into their own. Whatever the level of painting its yours. It makes you more invested in them as models on the table. Theres a whole story to be told with how you paint them. If you ever win the masters. Trinket up your warcaster for it!

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