Episode 4 – Inviolable

Hi Guys and Gals,
Welcome back to Elite Cadre, sooner than expected ^.~.
This week we grant you steady as we get back on schedule. We take our first look at the goofy hentai monster that legion of everblight prepare to unleash up on the world.
We read through the rules pack for Longest Night and express our opinions on this style of event.
We finally shout out to all those podcasts that have shouted out to us over the last couple of months.

We are then greeted by a special guest in the form of “Dudley” Dave Payton. Dave escorts us through the ins and outs of Harbinger in this weeks special spelling it out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy our timing!

News Links :-
Throne of Everblight
Longest Night

Podcast Links :-
Alpha Strike Radio (AKA Flat Cap and Whippet Radio)
Boosted Damage
Lost Hemisphere Radio

I hope you enjoy our episode.

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or email us at EliteCadrePodcast@googlemail.com
Elite Cadre – Episode 4


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