Episode 16 The Battle of Kurts Balaclava

Does anyone actually read this? If you do, leave us a comment. Otherwise who knows what might end up here!

A little sneak peak
Enjoy the latest episode

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Elite Cadre – Episode 16


7 responses to “Episode 16 The Battle of Kurts Balaclava

  1. I read this, fartknockers.

  2. James Salyers

    I read them. But please post something ridiculous for me to enjoy. 🙂

    Great podcast, and now that Boosted Damaged seems to be offline my favorite Britcast.

    From further than far away, in Oklahoma.

  3. I don’t read the blurb… I doubt anyone else does either. Perhaps you should use it to tell Knock Knock Jokes.

  4. JohnOSpencer

    Honestly, I usually just get your podcast from iTunes and rarely visit the blog at all.

  5. Nobody here but trolls.

  6. How dare you, sir. I play Skorne.

  7. Read what?

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