Episode 17 Tournament Play

*Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click**Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click**Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click**Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click**Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click**Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click**Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click**Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click**Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*

Show notes? what are those? BRB playing Diablo – Nik

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Elite Cadre – Episode 17


4 responses to “Episode 17 Tournament Play

  1. If you looking for Racked Paint Stands in EU try http://www.miniaturicum.de/index.php?infoBox=3&cPath=723, got some when I struggled to increase my Minaiture Scenery ones. Good quality and good size

  2. Can I ask someone to smear some lube/baby oil on Alex’s squeaky pin vice. PLEASE!

  3. Yes, Nik, keep pulling the lever – eventually a shiny treat will emerge?

    (Hypocrisy? Wasn’t he the bloke who invented doctors?)

  4. Nice podcast chaps (just found it). Funny to mention the Legion campaign weekend, that was a really long rime ago! 🙂

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