Episode 20 Care to work aboard me ship?

This week are are joined by special guest Norbert, King of all Media as we mop up our final big summer tournament in the form of the ETC.
We discuss life at sea when recruited to a press-gang, and wonder whatever happened to Kurt.

Unfortunatley Spelling it Out got a little lost on the way in to this episode, so if you would like to recreate this section, please copy and paste random moments from the outtakes of each episode and play them backwards, then forwards again at a speed the 8th percentile of the size of your house.

For more details on the Midland Steamroller series, hosted by your Co-Hosts Mike and Nik, please check out the below RankingsHQ link. Please be aware you do require a RankingsHQ profile to do so and we can only apologise for this change the RankingsHQ staff have done without our knowledge.

Midland Steamroller Series

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Elite Cadre – Episode 20


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