Episode 29 – Polish Masters

Welcome back to another Elite Cadre Podcast.
This week we are joined by Norbert to discuss the Polish Masters.
We Take a talk about Foodmachine.

Terrain Geek
Orange Crush Hunger

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Elite Cadre – Episode 29


3 responses to “Episode 29 – Polish Masters

  1. Why can´t you let yous guests finish a sentence, I was at Polish Masters and would have liked hearing a bit more about his thoughts on the event instead of your ramblings :/ Sorry guys, normally I like your ´casts but this really hit the nerve..

    • I apologise for this. I’ve not listened back yet, though I know it was edited for transmission errors and talking over each other.
      What would you like to hear more of? – Nik

  2. You really haven´t got a lot to improve 🙂 one of the best and I listen to everything apart from G&G. It just felt you were talking over the guest a bit more than usual, but maybe that was just me.

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