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Alex Smith – 

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My Factions – Blindwater Congregation, Cryx,  Cygnar,  Trollbloods

I’ve been playing Warmachine and Hordes since September 2010. My first foray into the world of tournament WarmaHordes came very quickly with my local venue hosting FQD. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. In the past 12 months I believe myself to have become a competant player which was backed by my first Masters Appearence seeing me reach the end of Day 1 before taking a defeat at the hands of Previous Master and a good freind, Martyn Jenkins.

Before Warmachine and Hordes I was a TCG player playing Yu-Gi-Oh at a UK Top 16  level before joining the WoW:TCG community and repeating my claims to top teirdom. Unfortunately these upbringings have ingrained a stubborn streak in me whereby I will try many different combo’s whether they have been written off as unplayable or not, just to find the advantage of the unknown against my opponent.

My Local Club is the Dudley Darklords  (Not overly local being 2 hours of travelling time away due to using public transport) where my regular gaming accomplices in John Stamford, Tim Martin and the UK’s #1 Menoth Player Dave Payton throw down.

Unfortunately I’m a heavy sufferer of Faction ADHD, and will often jump to try a new faction, jsut to see what its like on the other side of the table. At the moment I could not tell you what my main faction is having finally recently moved on from my Cygnar after a year complaining about there worth.


One response to “About The Hosts

  1. Hello, I just started listening to your Podcast I am currently up to Episode 7 I am one of the founders for The Fanatical Gamers Society we are in Southern California, North County San Diego Area. I have been hearing the requests for the Community section of your podcast so I figured I throw it out there that there are a few of us here in the States (in my group specifically) that listen to you guys and would love to be a part of your antics. 😉

    I am a PG and have been since 2006 many in our club have been playing WM/H! since MK I, most of us are casual players but we have some extremely competitive members as well. Oh my PP Forum name is PG_SRDragon. Anyway I am enjoying the podcast keep up the great work, hope to hear from you soon.

    Paul aka PG_SRDragon

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