Episode 79 – Grymkin, SmogCon, and Steamroller

Elite Cadre – Episode 79

We’re all back from SmogCon this week and looking to talk about the new faction reveal that happened there, some of the events we were involved in, and also the reveal of some of the new elements of Steamroller 2017.

Also it should be noted that I am artificially padding this blurb because Benj said they were getting shorter every episode and I just like to prove him wrong.

I’m not, however, going to add anything of any use to this section beyond what I’ve already said, and I’m really just waiting for the episode to upload, and –oh it’s done.


Episode 78 – Tournaments in mk3

Elite Cadre – Episode 78

Elite Cadre discusses tournaments in mk3 this episode…it may ramble more than normal…

Episode 77 – January 2017 Errata

Elite Cadre – Episode 77

Well, it’s finally here, now you can enjoy our thoughts on the January 2017 Warmachine and Hordes Errata!

Episode 76 – Errata and New Hordes Warlocks

Elite Cadre – Episode 76

Well we’ve recorded again, shocking as it may seem. We have a discussion on what we think the upcoming errata will bring to the game, and also an extended “Spelling it Out” section with the Hordes solos that have graduated to become full warcasters. All washed down by some aftershow talk where Kurt is sad he’s lost touch with anime, and I claim the works of Mamoru Oshii were a mistake, and nothing but trash…well…maybe.

Anyway, enjoy, and we’ll be back again next month for another mildly exciting episode of Elite Cadre!

Episode 75 – Listener Questions

Elite Cadre – Episode 75

Hello once again from Elite Cadre. Don’t expect this level of service again for a while, we need a break, frankly. This month we’re here with some listener questions and we’ll be recording again on the first Wednesday of next month! See you then!

Episode 74 – WTC and SmogCon with Jon Webb

Elite Cadre – Episode 74

Apparently we’re back again. I’m not sure why or how, but there you have it. This week we discuss a little about Jon and Alex’s experiences at the WTC, and then we move onto Jon talking about one of our favourite events, SmogCon (We know we did this already, but shut up, this time Jon gets to correct what we got wrong). So if you want to know more about Warmachine’s foremost European convention then head on down and have a listen because boy do we have the episode for you.

Episode 73 – Errata, SmogCon, and Artwork

Elite Cadre – Episode 73

We’re back once again as apparently it’s Chom’o’clock…and we have two of the members of Hanson as well. Most of the discussion is taken up by talking about some new sculpts in a little more depth than normal, some new artwork for the command books, the impending errata for January, SmogCon 2017’s October update, frankly it’s all manner of goodness that will be hitting your ears. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a new episode of Elite Cadre!